I build wheels in all price ranges and for all different types of bikes and cyclists. My hand-built wheels are based on each customer’s individual and specific wishes. If you are not sure what would be best for you, your bike or your budget, I will give you free advice and suggestions.

The garage has been converted into a workshop since 2014, which made it possible to develop the business to build wheels on a slightly larger scale than before. In addition to the wheels I build myself, I also service and repair wheels from other manufacturers. I stock many of the components I use such as rims from DT-Swiss, DUKE, NEWMEN & JPRACING, hubs from DT-Swiss, Hope, Chris King, Tune, NEWMEN, Industry Nine, and BITEX and spokes from SAPIM.

  • With the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years, access to good partners and a large range of absolutely top class components, I can offer you the best conditions for your next wheel purchase.
  • Many times the equipment is as important as the physical ability to reach one’s goals. For a cyclist, a pair of really good wheels is often the single most significant upgrade you can make.


I use P&K Lie scopes to ensure the best possible results.
P&K Lie is the Rolls Roys of the benchmark, a Swedish-German engineering art that guarantees both precision and quality. By combining this with experience and a great deal of Italian bicycle passion, I build wheels that my customers are satisfied with and I myself feel very proud of.

  • Building and aligning wheels is a bit of Zen meditation for a bike mechanic. A seemingly endless number of small tweaks that ultimately result in absolute perfection gives one great satisfaction.
  • Today I have a lot of experience in building a variety of different types of wheels with different materials, rim profiles and spoke patterns. Get in touch and tell us about your particular wishes.


The spoke tension is measured and recorded for each individual spoke with a digital tensiometer iGAGING from Wheel Fanatyk. The tension pattern forms the DNA of the wheel and is stored in a database, which makes it possible to both recreate and improve the properties the wheel had from the beginning. It is also a way for me to ensure the quality of every wheel that leaves my workshop.

  • Every wheel built in my workshop is supplied with a data sheet containing information on all specifications, spoke tension and tension pattern.
  • The data sheet is your proof of warranty and enables me to reproduce the wheel you once purchased from me after servicing or repairs. It also makes it possible to improve features that you may not have been completely satisfied with.




I will put together a quote according to your wishes and requirements with a specified time for manufacture and delivery. Then I order components if there is something I don’t have at home.



The wheels are then put together in my workshop. As wheel building is a side job and not my main job, it can take up to a week to build a pair of wheels.



When the wheel is ready, I do a follow-up check and ensure that the wheel maintains the expected quality and has the properties we agreed on.



Many customers choose to collect their wheels themselves from my workshop, but I also send wheels via Schenker and PostNord.