Biomechanical Check Up 2 (Postural)

What is it?

The “Biomechanical Check Up 2” is a session made of varied checks that allows for the cyclist to reach an elevated level of comfort and performance by obtaining the ideal saddle position and smooth pedalling.

Along with the benefits obtained with the Biomechanical Check Up 1 there is now additional gains to be found as this session also focuses on postural balance on both the right and left side which allows for the prevention or resolving of tensions due to overuse and improved pedaling efficiency.

What is included?

The “Biomechanical Check Up 2” is made up of the following separate elements:

  • Regulation of cleats
  • Examination of what would be the ideal saddle type
  • Find ideal handlebar
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Video analysis (sagittal view, forward facing and laterally)
  • Postural Balance right|left
  • Professional adjustment to the bike set up done on the workstand desk measurevelò (DMV).

Who is it for?

For all cyclists of every age, sex and level. For those who are interested in improving their position, comfort levels and performance in the saddle. Also by means of eliminating unilateral tensions and increasing pedaling efficiency.


  • Indications can be given when buying a bike frame which is the most suitable and for bike components (dimension,size and shape)
  • Ergonomics and comfort on the bike.
  • Improved performance and pedaling efficiency
  • Prevention and resolution of unilateral tensions and injury problems due to overuse.
  • Professional adjustment of the bike set up