Pedal Stroke Video Analysis

What is it

The pedal stroke video analysis is a session that records the cyclist via video capture which ulitmately helps define the ideal posture and position.

How does it work

The video analysis of the cyclist pedaling is done using KinematicsVelò shot against a background , based on calibration, perfomed using cameras and the software Movievelò.

The cyclist is filmed whilst cycling on Dynavelò or even on their own bike.

The filming is done from different angles and the data is processed via the software Movievelò has a set of unique and distinct parameters that has been meticulously crafted to provide accurate results.

Technical Specifications

The pedal stroke video analysis session has the following set procedure:

  • Regulation of the cycling simulator Dynavelò
  • Placement of the set of markers on the cyclist’s body
  • Video capture as the cyclist is pedaling, this being done from different angles and levels. (from the front, posterior and sideways)
  • Data processing using the software Movievelò
  • Show and discuss the results with the client.

What is it for?

With the pedal stroke video analysis session Velosystem can restore equilibrium to the cyclist’s posture. As a result of the corrections made to the cyclist’s position the consequence is that the cyclist’s own bike can be adjusted accordingly.

Who is it for

The pedal stroke video analysis session is for all cyclists of all levels and disiplines. For cyclists looking to improve comfort, performance and pedaling efficiency.


  • Balanced posture left and right, this can be obtained by the analysis taken from the front and side on.
  • Prevention or resolving of injury related problems due to overworking.
  • Vast improvements in pedaling efficiency, technique and performance.