Postural Balance

What is it

“Postural Balance” is a service in which the Velosystem technician readjusts both posture and how the cyclist pedals.

How does it work

The technician uses images and video clips taken from the front (forward facing and posterior) and from the side (taken from above) which in turn reveal cases where there is a lack of postural balance and symmetry to the pedaling.

Thanks to the information that is gathered on posture the technician can then go on to provide a corrective strategy which allows to readjust, gain postural balance and smoother pedaling as a result of the work carried out on the contact points.

Technical specifications

Postural balance is is achieved by following a set procedure:

  • Assesing posture by a specific set of parametres
  • Video analysis ground level (forward facing, posterior)
  • Video analysis from the side (taken from above)
  • Defining a corrective strategy
  • Work on connection points (contact points)
  • Check results on the balance obtained

What is its express purpose?

The ”Postural Balance of Velòsystem” allows for the prevention and or overcoming of cases of functional overload usually found on one side of the body.

Whats more postural balance combined with smooth pedalling action allows the cyclist to increase efficiency and thus improve performance

Who is it aimed at

Postural balance is for all types of cyclist that wish to improve and increase efficiency and performance, it can also be of great use for those who need to prevent or overcome tensions due to overworking.


  • Vast improvements in efficiency and performance.
  • Prevention or resolving of injury related problems due to overworking.