Find the ideal saddle

What is it

The “Finding of the ideal saddle” is a session that propones the cyclist’s ideal saddle in basis of their physical characteristics and the discipline practiced.

How does it work

The cyclist is asked to sit down on the specially designed board called Ischiovelò, that comes already equipped with a specific tester that makes an imprint of the inferior part of the pelvis. (Ischium bones)

Then the cyclist is asked to perform an exercise where they bend the torso in order to determine their level of flexibilty.

The data gathered along with personal data are then transferred into software Softvelò which after interpreting the data produces the ideal saddle type.

Technical specfications

The Velosystem session Find your ideal saddle type has the following set procedure:

  • Taking of pelvic imprint
  • Work out the angles of flexibilty of the torso via digital monitoring.
  • Looking up the ideal saddle via Softvelò, this is out of all brands and all the models currently for sale.
  • Present client with their technical data sheet

What is it for?

The Velosystem service “Find the ideal saddle type” gives every cyclist the possibility to have the perfect saddle based on their physical characteristics and the discipline practised.

Who is it for?

For all cyclists, of all ages, sex and level.


  • Guarantee comfort and performance whilst positioned on the bike and consequently a smooth pedal stroke.
  • Speed up the process of choosing the best saddle between all the various brands and models available.