The dynamic Riding Dynamometer Test

What is it

The “Riding Dynamometer Test ” is a professional service in which the Velosystem technician determines the cyclist’s ideal position using the cycling simulator Dynavelò in response to the power expressed.

What happens

In this session the cyclist pedals on the cycling simulator, the resistence is kept at a steady state, all the while the technician carries out a series of adjustments to the saddle and handlebars, this occurs simultaneously without interrupting the cyclist as they pedal. The cyclist’s pedaling efficiency is measured by the power expressed during the session.

During this process the technician can determine the 4 principles of bike set up (saddle height,saddle setback,handlebar reach and saddle to handlebar drop ) that guarantee efficient pedaling.

Technical specfications

The “Dynamic riding dynamometer test ” has the following set procedure:

  • Initial adjustment of bike set up.
  • Cyclist warms up
  • Testing dynamic parameters of set up
  • Ongoing and simultaneous checking of pedaling efficiency
  • Individualized adjustments
  • Registration of data

What is the purpose of the test?

The “dynamic riding dynamometer test” allows the technician to determine with absolute precision the ideal bike set up and position based on the power and efficiency expressed.

Who is it for

Postural balance is a session is suitable for all cyclists who wish to increase effciency and performance or for those who need to prevent and overcome injury problems of overworking.


  • Improvement in efficiency and performance.
  • To prevent or resolve injury problems related to overworking that is linked to an ill fitting bike, more specifically- saddle and handlebar.