Teen Check Up ages 12-16

What is it

The “Teen Check Up ages 12-16” is a session made of varied checks designed for teens aged 12-16 who have dedicated themselves to cycling.

The aim of the service is to guarantee the highest level of ergonomics, improve comfort on the bike and performance levels all of which are essential to continue to build on passion for this sport.

What is included

The “ Teen Check Up ages 12-16” is a regulation and video analysis bike fit and is made up of the following separate elements:

  • Regulation of cleats
  • Examination of what would be the ideal saddle type
  • Find ideal handlebar
  • Anthropometry and position
  • Video analysis

Who is it for

This is a service for all young cyclists between the ages of 12-16


  • Ergonomics and comfort on the bike.
  • Personalisation of the bike and components (height/size and position)
  • Improved and smoother pedaling.