Biomechanical Measurement

What is it?

The “Biomechanical Adjustment” is a session made of varied checks that allows the cyclist to find their ideal and tension free contact points. The cyclist’s bike is then adjusted accordingly. The session also offers the possibilty to choose the ideal bike frame according to body measurements.

What is included

The “Biomechanical Adjustment” is made up of the following separate elements:

  1. Regulation of cleats
  2. Examination of what would be the ideal saddle type
  3. Find ideal handlebar
  4. Anthropometric measurements

Who is it for?

For all cyclists of every age, sex and level, for those looking to buy their first bike, change bike or the components.


  • Indications can be given when buying a bike frame which is the most suitable as well as for bike components (dimension,size and shape).
  • Improved ergonomics and comfort on the bike.