What is it

SoleVelò is an insole created for cycling

How does it work

SoleVelò provides ergonomical support for the three arches of the foot (Medial longitudinal arch, lateral longitudinal arch and, trasverse arch)

The arch support can be further personalised with the heat moulding tool WarmVelò.

The ergonomical form of SoleVelò allows the foot to distribute the pressure of the pedal stroke so that there is ample room for the downward push against the pedal. In consequence the foot stabilizes along with the ankle and the knee which vertically aligns the downward push with the centre of the pedal.

Technical Specifications

The structure of the Solevelò insole is made up of layers of special heat moulding material, differing in thickness and mechanical resistence.

The upper part of the insole is made of soft padded material whereas the lower heel part is reinforced with carbon. This combines to enhance and augment the power of the insole and to stabilize the foot.

What is it for?

Solevelò is an indispensable insole for cyclists looking to maximise their physical well being,and performance of the pedal stroke. The increased surface area for the downward pedal stroke stabilizes the foot platform and in turn increases comfort and the power transfer of every pedal stroke.

Who is it for

Solevelò are recommended for all cyclists of every level and all discplines.


  • Increase of the surface area for the downward pedal stroke and better distribution of mechanical tensions.
  • Stabilizes the heel and improves the vertical alignment of the knee on the downward push and consequently improves efficiency and prevents injuries.
  • Reduction of tensions in the metatarsal area thanks to the specially designed padded material.