What is it

MeasureVelò is a biomechanical measurement gauge for cycling

How does it work?

Measurevelò uses a telescopic rod with interchangeable tips that allows both anthropometric and cyclometric measurements to be taken.

When in use the fixed points are used for positioning, the measurements are taken on one of the 2 sides A and B which are marked in milimeters.

Technical Specification

The biomechanical measurement gauge for cycling MeasureVelò is a telescopic rod, that has fixed on it a measuring scale in milimeters on 2 sides- A and B. The second component acts as an indicator and has a cut out window in which to read the measurements. Both of these parts feature specially adapted slots for interchangeable tips that allow for the measurement of different bikes and the cyclist.

MeasureVelò is made up of the following components:

  • Tips:
    • 1 tip Zero
    • 1 centre of bottom bracket
    • 1 finely edged tip
    • 1 central tip
    • 1 short central tip
  • SZS: tool for setting the zero point of the saddle
  • Spirit level
  • Plumb line

What is it for?

MeasureVelò allows for a rapid and precise measurement to be taken of the different body parts of the cyclist. As well as precise adjustment of the bike.

Who is it for

MeasureVelò is for mechanics who work in shops, for cycling teams, biomechanic technicians or bike fitters.


  • Allows for both precise and rapid measurements to be taken.