Cleat Adjustment

What is it

“Cleat adjustment” is first and foremost a fundamental biomechanical adjustment. it allows the cyclist to correctly position their foot in perfect alignment with the pedal which guarantees the most effective power transfer during the pedal stroke.

How does it work

After careful examination of the cyclist’s feet, the client is asked to step onto CleatVelò , standing in a straight upright position, wearing their cycling shoes with the cleats firmly inserted into the specially deisgned template for cycling shoes.

In order for the technician to find the ideal cleat position they will use specially made laser technology that allows to check the alignment. The technician then adjusts the shoe and as a consequence the cleat position. Whether that is to move it forwards, backwards or to rotate the angle of the cleat.

Technical Specifications

The Velosystem session “Cleat adjustment” can be performed on all types of Cleats that are commerically available, the session follows this procedure:

  • Check the cyclist’s feet and ergonomics of the cycling shoe used
  • Sticks the CleatVelò Label on between the sole and the cleat
  • Shoe is adjusted whilst still being worn
  • Attain precise pedal alignment using Cleatvelò and cardinal references
  • Register the data of the adjustments made on the platform Softvelò

What is it for?

Adjusting the cleat optimizes pedaling efficiency, it aims to prevent injuries associated with overuse and has a great impact on performance with vast improvements seen.

Whos is it for

For all cyclists of all levels and sex.


  • Improves pedaling technique.
  • Prevents injuries to tendons, muscles and arteries.
  • Greater power transfer to the pedal