Search for Ideal Handlebar

What is it

The “Search for ideal handlebar” is a session that propones the cyclist’s ideal handlebars in relation to their physical characteristics and the discipline practiced.

How does the session proceed

The Velosystem technician measures the shoulder width of the cyclist, then takes into consideration the technical characteristics and also the dicipline practiced.

The data gathered along with personal data are then transferred into the software Softvelò which after interpreting the data produces the ideal handlebar type, this is based on size and shape.

Technical Specifications

the Velosystem session ” Search for ideal handlebar” has the following set procedure:

  • Check shoulder width
  • Find out cyclist’s technical characteristics and which discipline they practice
  • Input of data to Softvelò and subsequent evaluation of ideal brand and model
  • Present client with their technical data sheet.

What is it for?

The session “Search for ideal handlebar” allows all cyclists to find their ideal handlebar based upon their physical characteristics and depending on which cycling discipline they practice.

Who is it for

For all cyclists,of all ages, level and sex


  • Guarantees a comfortable position and grip, whilst allowing the cyclist to have better technique handling the bike and feel in control.
  • Speed up the process of choosing the most adequate handlebar between all the various brands and models available.